We will always call/email the week before setting off with your birds, to ensure the date and time are still convenient. Please give us your telephone number in the order, we will not use it for sales calls or ever pass it on.

Delivery Dates

All deliveries will be completed in the last week of the month. You will be contacted the Friday before with final timings.

Deliveries must be in by the 15th of the month to be included on that months delivery. Please ensure we have your phone number on your order and you have selected the appropriate delivery area.
NOTE: November and December's deliveries will all be completed first two weeks of December

Delivery areas in detail

We deliver to 
West Yorkshire 
Greater Manchester
North Yorkshire
South Yorkshire
County Durham


Happy Chicks Animal Transporter Authorisation UK/PREST/T1/0036751

Overall responsibility for birds and catching until loading:
Sarah Holden R-SQP 14303
Overall responsibility for planning of deliveries, loading and deliveries:
Richard Holden NPTC Transport of Animals Certificates of Competence 593396 (short journeys) and 649701 (long journeys)